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Yesterday I walked through the ViBe District, a cool area full of artists, just a few blocks from the sea. The Vi is a work of art in itself, with all sorts of artworks to be found in the picturesque shops and cafes that surround the area. Just a few blocks from the sea, there are art galleries, restaurants and craft shops that are designed to inspire locals and visitors alike.

The sunlit Rodriguez Pavilion was built specifically for this modern masterpiece and consists of 520 separate hand blown glass pieces. This bronze sculpture was inspired by the life of Robert Rodriguez, an avid surfer on Virginia Beach who was diagnosed with ALS in 2006.

At school, he went so far as to skip classes and escape school when his younger high school class decided to go to a private school in New York City instead of Virginia Beach. Myke took art lessons at the University of California, San Diego, for two years after the birth of his first child.

He continued to do small commissions, whether portraits or just small design items. In the 1990s he founded a small community project called the Norfolk Mermaid Project. At the same time, Westminster, Canterbury and Chesapeake Bay hosted an annual festival of mermen emerging from the water on rocks. He designed eleven of them and helped to make 216, and joined the girls "project to design another eleven.

The Little Theatre in Virginia Beach, in a residential neighborhood six blocks from the ocean. You will notice several murals that live on as a scavenger hunt, and then there is the mural with police dogs that is located at 21st Street and Atlantic Avenue. Find more murders honoring the brave (this is a military city, after all), and you'll notice a large mural of the U.S. Marine Corps on the side of a building on Ocean Boulevard.

No matter how often you visit them, there is always something new to see and discover, be it a regularly changing exhibition, talking paintings, sculptures, glass, ceramics or photography. You will find a kind of creations on a budget, and you will meet the craftsmen and learn the stories behind their work. Even if you will not see the Old Masters at any art exhibition or museum, you are sure to find and see something new and different. American artists, world-famous entertainers and musicians as well as artists from all over the world.

Spread love by visiting LOVEwork, located in the heart of Virginia Beach, Virginia, just a few blocks from the beach. You can also visit the current exhibition or park at the entrance of the museum on the south side of Washington Avenue, right next to the Loveworks parking lot.

The municipal parking lot is located on the south side of Washington Avenue, just blocks from the museum. The application can also be viewed at the Virginia Beach Art Museum, Suite A, 904 Washington Street, Va.

Join us at the 62nd Annual Boardwalk Art Show and get to know these amazingly talented artists and see their work up close. Come and enjoy a fun time with art, music, food, entertainment and of course good food and drinks. Then join the celebrated event by bringing together artists from all over the country (the number of participants is limited to 300) and then come back on Saturday, June 3, for a special reception.

Proceeds from this event directly support the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and help fulfill our mission to inspire thought - inspiring art exhibitions and educational programs for students, faculty, staff and patrons. All proceeds from the event directly support MOCA and directly help us fulfill our mission to serve the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virginia and its educational and thought art exhibitions. Proceeds from this event directly support the Virginia Museum for Contemporary Arts and help us achieve our goal of creating thought-provoking art exhibitions and educational programs.

The Tidewater Veterans Memorial at the Virginia Beach Convention Center honors the brave servicemen and women who sacrificed so much for our country and its region. The monument is decorated with a flag that belongs to all veterans of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air National Guard, as well as a specially designed Tidwater Veterans flag. Local artist Sam Welty has created a series of images for the memorial titled "Tidewater Veterans and their Families." Events Management Group, Inc. is partnering with Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia to help families in need by collecting canned food.

Artist Victoria Weiss has a series of images for the memorial titled "Tidewater Veterans and their Families. Translated into 1000 colours, it lives up to its name. Aimee has given her time to explore the many paths of public art in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as well as other parts of the country and abroad.

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