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Forget Coastal Virginia: The Cavalier Resort, a $125 million oceanfront resort developed by Gold Key, has opened its doors in Virginia Beach, Virginia, just a few miles north of Charlottesville, Va., including the Historic Cavaliers Hotel and Beach Club.

The new hotel is the first phase of a $350 million development that includes the newly renovated Historic Cavalier Hotel, a landmark built in 1927 and undergoing a four-year, $85 million renovation. Phase three of the complex includes a new beach club, restaurant, hotel, spa and retail space, as well as a hotel and restaurant complex.

The flagship location is just minutes from the sea and is a must - visit attraction for visitors. The property will also include a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa and retail space and will be located at the historic Cavalier Hotel on the corner of Main Street and Virginia Avenue. The entire building (s) can be rented for a total of 1,500 rooms, with common function rooms and private rooms for up to four people. If you're planning a trip to Virginia Beach, book a stay at one of these accommodations and get ready for a fun-filled stay! The hotel has two bedrooms, a bathroom and four beds , three-bathroom hotel will also offer a full service restaurant, bar and bar as well as a private beach club and restaurant.

After the recently completed renovation, guests will be the first to attend weddings, special events and amazing get-togethers and stay at the Holiday Inn. Professional staff will help you select group deals. Formerly known as the Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast, Four Eleven York is a beautiful building that continues to be a wonderful place to stay and celebrate in Norfolk.

This elegant wedding venue offers spectacular views of the Lynnhaven River and we will work closely with the providers to ensure that your event goes smoothly. This cozy boutique on the Virginia coast offers a wide selection of fine wines, fine food and excellent service. Located on Shore Drive, the Mermaid Winery in Virginia Beach provides a great backdrop for any event. It is a destination just a few blocks from the beach and right in the heart of downtown Norfolk.

This elegant wedding hall offers spectacular views of the Lynnhaven River and we will work closely with the providers to provide a great venue for your event.

Our accommodations are within walking distance of several top-notch attractions, including the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, the northern end of the Lynnhaven River and the beach. Our hotel is within walking distance of all of these attractions, which is an added benefit for vacationers. We love the waterfront location because it is close to the waterfront and is just a few blocks from some of Virginia's most popular attractions. The North End of Virginia Beach tends to be much quieter than our beachfront hotel, as there is plenty of activity on the waterfront and other popular tourist attractions in the area, but our accommodations are close to many of them.

Each room offers unparalleled views of the pristine Virginia coast and has a private balcony that connects guests with nature.

This Chesapeake, Virginia hotel offers a comfortable meeting and function room on Battlefield Boulevard, including 11 meeting rooms designed for small and corporate gatherings. To celebrate in the style of a Fr, the Virginia Beach Oceanfront venue is a popular destination for events such as weddings, corporate events, business meetings and other special events. Find a trusted wedding venue in and around Ches Bayou and find a hotel with the perfect location for your wedding, reception or business event. The hotel offers an extensive list of function rooms, including a full-service bar, private dining room, open-air bar and bar area, and a large meeting room with private balcony.

The newly renovated Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel on Virginia Beach's oceanfront offers well-appointed rooms, a full-service bar, private dining room, open-air bar and bar area, and a large meeting room with private balcony. Located between Virginia Beach and downtown Norfolk, this hotel offers the perfect balance between leisure and business. Located on the corner of Ches Bayou Boulevard and Norfolk Convention Center, the Founders Inn & Spa is well connected not only to the Watersides Convention Centre, but also to a variety of restaurants and bars and a wide range of amenities including a spa and fitness centre. Appreciation of beauty VirAginia Beach is an event space and an ideal place to experience what it has to offer. Considered one of the best seaside properties in Virginia, the Courtyard Virginia Beach Ocean Frontiers leaves no stone unturned to make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Venue locations Virginia Beach Oceanfront, including directions, ratings, ratings and professional service is required for each event prior to any event at any of our Virginia venues. Our goal is to provide couples with a carefree experience from start to finish, so we're excited to offer them multiple events - related services at the Courtyard Virginia Beach Ocean Frontiers, the first of its kind.

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